[quotes restored to bottom-posting order, for clarity]

> > > > If I have a database that has three records and I delete the entire
> > > > third record, when another record is then added will the auto increment
> > > > number be 3 or 4? Thanks.

> > > I will be 3 Jeff :)

> > Only if the auto increment values started at zero.  Otherwise, the number 
> > will be 4.

> That is true if you delete a row in between other records..if you delete 2 
> the fourth record added would be 4, not 2.  BUT..in the default installation 
> of mysql, if you delete the last record the auto increment will fill it's 
> place..trust me, I just tried it :)

What version of MySQL and table type are you getting that on?  I just tried 
it with a MyISAM table in 3.23.33 (insert, immediate delete, immediate 
insert), and the pk incremented as expected.  No re-use of values.


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