You will need to have the Informix environment variables defined in your
shell environment:


Make sure that the command line PHP binary you are using is compiled
with Informix support. 


>Subject: Command line PHP + DB access
>   Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 11:08:17 +0200
>   From: Jordi Campos i Miralles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Hello everybody!
>I'm trying to access an Informix DB from a PHP script that has to be
>executed from the console with "php -q"...
>The script include some libraries I've done, and one of them is used to
>connect to the DB.
>Well, when this library is used through a PHP script executed by Apache
>there are no problems,
>BUT when the same library is used through a PHP script directly executed
>from the command line, the error:
>"Call to undefined function:  ifx_connect()"... appear
>So, does anybody know how should I call the PHP script from the command
>line in order to let the database functions work?
>Thanks in advance.

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