I am making a script to access MySQL and when I run it I get this:

Warning: 0 is not a MySQL link index in /sites/htdocs/php/db_listtables.php
on line 10

Following is the first 10 lines of my script:

  $connection = mysql_connect("localhost", "user", "password") or
die("Couldn't connect.");
  $dbs = mysql_list_dbs($connection) or die("Couldn't list databases.");
  $db_list = "<UL>";
  $db_num = 0;
  while ($db_num < mysql_num_rows($dbs)) {
    $db_names[$db_num] = mysql_tablename($dbs, $db_num);
 $db_list .= "<LI>$db_names[$db_num]";
 if (($db_names[$db_num] != "mysql") && ($db_names[$db_num] != "tempdata"))
   $tables = mysql_list_dbs($db_names[$db_num]) or die("Couldn't list

Any Ideas?  Thank you in advance!!


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