*****Apologies for cross-postings******

Hi there all:

Does anyone know of a product - preferably free, that once 
installed, can take info from an ordinary HTML web based form and 
drop it into an access/excel database/spreadsheet?? or a 
pre-defined/written script or class written for Apache/php4/MySQL that 
has the information filtering and sorting capabilites of excel/access??

One of our departments urgently requires such functionality to increase 
processing times of student enquiries. At present the information from 
the students is in a non-standardised format in the form of an email 
that has to be processed by hand.

The data needs to be formalised from a structured online form, and 
inserted into an access/excel type 'environment' that current 
(non-web technical) administrators are familliar with.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

Again I apologise for the cross posting but this is a pressing matter, 
that requires I find a pointer to a solution, or an actual solution 
as fast as I can!

Kind regards:

  "Believe nothing - consider everything"       
  Russ Michell
  Anglia Polytechnic University Webteam
  w: www.apu.ac.uk/webteam
  t: +44 (0)1223 363271 x 2331


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