"wflow" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi All,

> What I want to do is create another query from some of the data from another
> one. The question is how do I take the data I get back from my first query
> and put that into variables so I can build my second query. The example I
> have in mind is:

> I a do a select tracknum,orderdate,ordertotal,status,shipdate from orders
> where tracknum = '$trknum' and I want the data returned into vars: like
> orderdate = $orderdate so I can create a new query like: select * from
> shipping where orderdate = '$orderdate'.

> @ifx_htmltbl_result($sql_result,"border=1");

You might want to consider reading the php manual, especially the part on functions
and even more the one on informix functions. There you'll find a function 
called ifx_fetch_row. 


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