On 21.Jun.2001 -- 02:22 PM, William Flow wrote:
> Chris,
>        Thanks for the advice, of course I already did "rtfm" and the
> ifx_fetch_rows entry did not really help me. It, in fact 
>  does NOT return an enumerated array, as the top line of the page
> states. It ONLY returns an associative array. 

If you had said so, it would have been more obvious what your problem
is. The posting only showed ifx_htmltbl suggesting that you didn't try
ifx_fetch_row which would be the obvious solution to your problem --
read the results into variables.

So, you don't like the associative array. Well, you should really rtm
Have a look at the array functions. You could pop or shift it, extract
all values to a new enumerated array or use foreach.

If you happen to have duplicate column names in your result, only one
will appear (even though ifx_htmltbl would produce correct output. In
this case you need to rename the columns. ("SELECT TABLE1.ID AS ID1,
TABLE2.ID AS ID2 ...")

> I only did post the question, because I needed help and figured I would
> ask the experts, but all I got was somebody who says "rtfm" and most
> likely did not read or understand my question, so, thanks a lot.

You're welcome. No need to be sore. The answer fits the question. 
Next time, be a little more verbose on your problem and you'll get the 
help you desire. 


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