On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 02:07:38PM -0400, Brian S. Dunworth wrote:
> Hi Phil,
>    Make sure that the web user (usually 'nobody' on an Apache installation) 
> has access to the $ORA_HOME/bin directory and permissions to execute the 
> binaries within.  Also, be sure that ORA_HOME and ORACLE_SID are set in the 
> 'nobody' user environment...

why should I have to set the ORACLE_SID env var, if it is specified in

I dont have to set ORACLE_SID if I use sqlplus from the command line
(as nobody, even)
I can log in just fine with

sqlplus user/pw@machinename

So I'm figuring ocilogon("user","pw","machinename") should work just dandy.

Is ocilogon broken in that way? I would think not, since it should be
using the oracle libraries to automatically read tnsnames.ora and set that
kind of stuff automatically.

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