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Temat: [PHP-DB] Interbase/PHP/Apache implimentation

> So my question is this:  Can DBMS support be enabled using the
extension=php_interbase.dll directive
> in the php.ini file (as opposed to MySQL, where support is built in) ONLY
while in CGI mode?  Will
> the distribution version of php4apache.dll not look at the php.ini file,
to enable Interbase
> support?
> If that is the case, is there anywhere one might find a version of the
php4apache.dll file which
> enables Interbase support?
> I will use CGI if I must, but my preference is to use the Apache

I have 2 installations: on NT4 at work and W98 at home, both working as a
module. Except of OS the configuration is same: Apache 1.3.19, PHP 4.0.5,
Borland's IB 6.0.1. If you are interested, i can send you my php.ini files
privately, although this one from my work in tuesday.

Jarek Zgoda

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