...I have been trying (and failing) to get Interbase to work with PHP, served up by 
Apache on a
Win2K machine.  Through a lot of headache and the process of elimination, I have 
succeeded in
getting an SQL response from PHP, after eliminating any instructions for Apache to 
load the PHP
module - using only the CGI interface.

So, if I understand things, my problem has been that I've been attempting to get 
Interbase support
from the PHP module for Apache, which won't work for one reason or another.
If true, this comes as great relief, because I was beating my head against the wall 
trying to figure
out where my php.ini file was misconfigured....

So my question is this:  Can DBMS support be enabled using the 
extension=php_interbase.dll directive
in the php.ini file (as opposed to MySQL, where support is built in) ONLY while in CGI 
mode?  Will
the distribution version of php4apache.dll not look at the php.ini file, to enable 

If that is the case, is there anywhere one might find a version of the php4apache.dll 
file which
enables Interbase support?
I will use CGI if I must, but my preference is to use the Apache Module....

Thanks in advance,


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