Hi Jordan
I have been trying to use interbase with the IIS sapi unsuccessfully (PHP
4.0.6). I suspect that it is not thread-safe as CGI works fine.
It really is up to someone who can debug the php_ibase.dll source to fix
this as it apparently not an apache specific problem.

Regards, john

"Jordan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Okay...
> ..I have been trying (and failing) to get Interbase to work with PHP,
served up by Apache on a
> Win2K machine.  Through a lot of headache and the process of elimination,
I have succeeded in
> getting an SQL response from PHP, after eliminating any instructions for
Apache to load the PHP
> module - using only the CGI interface.
> So, if I understand things, my problem has been that I've been attempting
to get Interbase support
> from the PHP module for Apache, which won't work for one reason or
> If true, this comes as great relief, because I was beating my head against
the wall trying to figure
> out where my php.ini file was misconfigured....
> So my question is this:  Can DBMS support be enabled using the
extension=php_interbase.dll directive
> in the php.ini file (as opposed to MySQL, where support is built in) ONLY
while in CGI mode?  Will
> the distribution version of php4apache.dll not look at the php.ini file,
to enable Interbase
> support?
> If that is the case, is there anywhere one might find a version of the
php4apache.dll file which
> enables Interbase support?
> I will use CGI if I must, but my preference is to use the Apache
> Thanks in advance,
> --Jordan

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