Thanks Alexey,
        I have set the passwd for the root user,but now how do i set
the passwd for other users.
        Another Q ,Can I have a passwd for each table created

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 11:10:31AM +0400, Alexey Borzov wrote:
> Greetings, Sharmad!
> At 17.07.2001, 08:27, you wrote:
> SN> Hi,
> SN>         Can anyone tell me how to protect my database or else how can i set my 
>password in postgres for every database.
>    Can you be more specific?
>    If your problem is that anyone can connect to any DB on local box
> (which is the default setup), then you need to edit pg_hba.conf
>    This file resides in the root of your DB data dir. You should seek
> the lines which read like these:
> ---------------------
> local        all                                           trust
> host         all     trust
> ---------------------
> and change 'trust' to 'password'.
>    Well, I hope I understood your question correctly...
> -- 
> Yours, Alexey V. Borzov, Webmaster of

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