Anthony Carlos wrote:
> Here's what I'm using to do paged queries in Oracle:
> $min = minimum of range of records
> $max = maximum of range of records
> $field_list = the fields from the table separated by commas
> $table = the table from where you're selecting
> $where_clause and $order_by should be self-explanatory
> SELECT linenum, $field_list
>   FROM (SELECT rownum AS linenum, $field_list
>           FROM (SELECT $field_list
>                   FROM $table
>                  WHERE $where_clause
>                  ORDER BY $order_by))
>  WHERE linenum BETWEEN $min AND $max;

I afraid that this doesn't work well with arbitrary queries. I tried
this before and I recall there are problems with computed columns
(COUNT(), SUM(), etc...). If I am not mistaken there is also the problem
that Oracle truncates column names that are qualified with the table

The right way to do that is using server side cursors, but I could not
figure how to return to the client side, a server side cursor that I
could use skip rows and get only those that I want.

Manuel Lemos

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