Oracle have an hidden field called rownum, that defines the rownum of
the record (table or result table from a query).
Look in There is an article about the building
Prev/next buttons. In the comments you have more than one answer to your
problem. Choose the one you think it's best.

Alexandre Santos

Cynic wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm in a situation where I need to produce a small app
> on top of an Oracle server really quickly. I'm quite a
> seasoned developer, but have only experience with MySQL
> so far. It's my understanding that Oracle lacks the
> MySQL's "LIMIT" feature. Looking at the OCI section of
> the PHP manual, it also looks like there's no
> OCIDataSeek() or some equivalent. Since the app I need
> to build will be a standard report builder with paging,
> I need this functionality. What is the common way to
> achieve this? Always fetch all rows, cycling through the
> resultset, discarding the records that preceed the one
> I want to start displaying with, and quit when I reach
> the one where the page should end?
> Is there a PHP + OCI tutorial somewhere?
> I need an intro to Oracle, and I need it now. :(
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