Rick: I don't see any .php tags there... plus just because someone
else has done it doesn't mean he can't do it as well  =)

Jeff: The only critique I would give from the description you have
given us thus far is the fact that you appear to be storing the photo 
in the DB.

The biggest bottleneck in a server-side script is usually the DB calls.
With this in mind, you want to limit these calls as much as possible.

I would suggest setting up a naming and/or directory scheme to store
the pictures on the website, and then store the URL of the picture in the
DB, rather than the image itself.

Then when outputing the page just do something like

echo "<Img src=\"$queryresult['location']\">";

Sheridan Saint-Michel
Website Administrator
FoxJet, an ITW Company

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> This has been done.  see http://www.photopoint.com
> This is a free service available to the public.
> rick
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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Photo Album Schema
> I want to make a photo album that will have users who sign up
> to create an album and then have the albums open to the public.
> I was thinking of doing it like this but I've never done a relational
> database before so if anyone thinks of anything I should change
> please let me know. Thanks.
> Jeff Oien
> Table1:
> -username
> -password
> -album_title
> -creation_date
> -id
> Table2:
> -id (from Table1)
> -photo (jpg or gif)
> -date
> -photo_title
> -description (limited length)

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