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> If you are going to use a single directory with a filename
> convention I would suggest something simple, yet unique
> like
> "id" . "filename"
> Where id is the unique userid from the DB and filename
> is the original name of the file.
> This would avoid conflicts (which is the point of a naming convention)
> and be fairly easy to implement.

Be careful for bad characters in filenames.  You should probably
preg_replace a few things in the filename first (&*/;).  You may also need
to code something warning the user if they are about to overwrite a file
whose name already exists.

I usually just name a file based on the timestamp, i.e.,

$parts = explode(' ',microtime());
$parts[0] = substr($parts[0],2);
$file_name = $parts[1] . $parts[0] . $file_extension;

You should also look at using the GetImageSize function to determine whether
or not the file is really an image.

Good luck.


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