I don't know if having multiple users associated with a single image is
at all beneficial, and I can see where it might cause all sorts of problems.

For example, you and I both have the same image in our album (we are
 both assciated with it in the DB).  What happens when I change the
description?  Do you change the description field, thus changing the
description on both our pages?  Do you now have to create another entry
in your Image table?  In effect anytime I change the description either both
of us have to live with my new description or you have to do a lot of work
around code (checking to see if more than one person is associated with the
image, Adding a new entry into image, changing all my info to reflect the
Image_Name) to avoid this.

Therefore, I think for this project, the original DB structure works much

Sheridan Saint-Michel
Website Administrator
FoxJet, an ITW Company

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> The most useful schema would be to have the name of the document be system
> generated, like i123456789.img and make the database as follows:
> Image
> Image_Name varchar(50) primary key
> Original_Name varchar(50)
> Description text
> User
> User_ID int8 primary key
> Login char(8) uniques index
> password varchar(50) encrypted
> relation
> User_ID
> Image_Name
> Now you have duplicate anems OK, multiple users associated with any
> picture.  You just rename the file as it comes and goes.

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