On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 10:22:51AM -0400, Jacob Singh wrote:
> I'm just wondering how everyone manages their MySQL backups, I'm
> looking for a better solution than manual.  any scripts or example
> would be especially appreciated. tnks

Here is a script I use:


$now = time;
$directory = "/home/user/backups";

# these are the databases I back up
@databases = ("mysql", "accounts", "data");

foreach $database (@databases) {
   $backup = "mysqldump \-\-add-drop-table -u user -ppass $database";
   $zip = "| gzip > $directory/$database.$now.gz";
   system("$backup $zip");

# This stays commented, because I don't want to restore all the time.
#   unless($database eq "mysql") {
#      $restore = "|mysql -u user -ppass test_$database";
#      system("$backup $restore");
#   }

# This allows me to keep 7 copies of the backups at all times.
# They also get backed up to tape, but this is more convenient for me.
opendir BACKUPS, $directory;
foreach $file (readdir BACKUPS) {
   if(-M "$directory/$file" > 6) {
      unlink "$directory/$file";

Jason Stechschulte
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