Beau Lebens wrote:

> // err.. please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't pkzip
> // exactly that? or more
> // exactly, winzip is a windows interface to it? it certainly
> // uses the same
> // compression....
> nope - you're right, i forgot about pkzip, but i was just saying that it's
> pretty strange that winzip is the biggest compression program used for
> windoze machines and they haven't released their own command-line version...
> last i heard it was still in the piplelines.

and they probably never will...  winzip took the opportunity that PKWARE
didnt.  winzip released a win interface to the ZIP compression scheme
that Phil Katz wrote.  and PKWARE never caught up to the popularity that
winzip took.

sadly, he died of alcoholic reasons.  most people never knew him yet his
code will live for a long time.  trivia: the first two bytes of the any
valid zip file?  P and K...

here's a frief history of the man:

kinda sad, when i read in a PC MAG article a month or so ago when they
celebrated 10 or so people that shaped the PC industry (or was
influencial) in the last 20 years.  one of persons is the porn king of
the internet, and PK is left out...

> pkzip is made by a different company i think

Leo G. Divinagracia III

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