Hi all:

The few php/MySQL apps I've developed that required username/password access, have 
simply been a 
means of comparing usernames and hashes of passwords in a DB. My next application 
needs to be 
slightly more secure but nothing like the needs of protecting online banking or 
vulnerable private 

I have read several articles at phpbuilder.com and stuff at php.net, and frankly most 
of it seems 
to be overly contrived.

I wonder wether some list members would be able to point me in the direction of code 
tutorials that *explain* in English what they're doing and why. For example why they 
are storing an 
MD5() hash of something in a seperate file outside the web-server's doc-root etc etc.

Once I have my head round the concepts I'll be posting my findings to a public 
location which 
list-members will be among the first to view.

I thank y'all for any help you are able to give.


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