No, the only time you need a semicolon within the query string is if you are
multiple commands.

ie $query="Set @count=0; Select name,@count=@count+1 as count from people";

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> Cecily,
> I'm sure you probably heard from others about your parse error. I know
> it looks weird, but you need to have two semicolons, so instead of:
> > $CDList =mysql_query(
> > "SELECT artist_name, album_title ".
> > "FROM artists, album_titles WHERE artist_id = aid");
> you would have
> $CDList =mysql_query(
> "SELECT artist_name, album_title ".
> "FROM artists, album_titles WHERE artist_id = aid;");
> (Note the semicolon after "aid"). This is because the first one is to
> complete the SQL statement, while the one after the parenthisis is to
> complete the PHP statement.
> Vera
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