There should -not- be a semicolon at the end of the SQL query when using
mysql_query() through PHP...

The problem lies elsewhere.

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I'm sure you probably heard from others about your parse error. I know 
it looks weird, but you need to have two semicolons, so instead of:

> $CDList =mysql_query(
> "SELECT artist_name, album_title ".
> "FROM artists, album_titles WHERE artist_id = aid");

you would have
$CDList =mysql_query(
"SELECT artist_name, album_title ".
"FROM artists, album_titles WHERE artist_id = aid;");

(Note the semicolon after "aid"). This is because the first one is to 
complete the SQL statement, while the one after the parenthisis is to 
complete the PHP statement.

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

Vera Algoet, Web Developer
Monterey County Office of Education

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