Hi there:

Further to a previous submission (which can be ignored), I'd like the following query 
to 'search' a 
table field of different team names (stored as a single string), but it does't seem to 

"SELECT * FROM $table_users WHERE usrName='$username' AND 
usrPswd=password('$password') AND affil_team RLIKE '$team+'";
(I've also tried: RLIKE '$team?' )

This should match the string found in the variable: '$team' with the some of contents 
found in 'affil_team'.

For example my test has been, trying to find 'footballSat', so $team = 'footballSat'. 
exists as part of the string in the 'affil_team' field but the above query refuses to 
'footballSat'!! (No error is received though)

I'm using MySQL 3.22.32 + php4.0.3pl1


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