Every different page in a framset is loaded separatly so the only thing you
should be aware of is not to output anything before the session stuff.
Also you can use the output control functions lie ob_start - check the PHP
manual for more info.

Dobromir Velev

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Date: Thursday, October 18, 2001 8:28 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Sessions and Frames

>I have a site that is successfully using sessions and authentication.
>However, I am working on another site, and it uses Frames.  The first site
>does not use frames, so including the unit that has the session stuff first
>works.  But on the frames site, it gives the following error  :
>  'Cannot add header information - headers already sent by '
>I know that this is when something is trying to print before the session is
>I just don't know how to accomplish this if the page I am loading is inside
>a frame... so by the time the session stuff starts, html is already output
>to the browser.
>thanks for any help you can give.
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