I am trying to set-up a type of anti-flood block on one of my forms, the way
I am doing this is that when the first submission is made I log various
details into a user_log table including IP no and a Timestamp (14) column
called log_time. Now if the button is clicked again the php script will run
the following query:

SELECT user_ip  FROM clinic_log  WHERE user_ip = '$pw_userIP' AND
(((NOW()+0) - clinic_log.log_time ) < 300)

What I am (trying) doing here is to check the users IP ($pw_userIP) against
the user_ip column in the database and if it matches then check to see
whether it has been there for less than 300 seconds.

I have just spent the last couple of hours trying to get this
working......it doesn't want to know. It keeps finding the matching IP and
disregarding the time calculation......

Thanks for any help.

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