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> Yes thank you that was the answer.
> While I'm asking questions , I've got one good one :
> Whats the best book to buy on  php & mysql ?

I can recommend PHP Blackbook by Peter Moulding 
(Coriolis, ISBN 1-58880-053-9), 845 pages.
It concentrates mostly on PHP, but there is a pretty
good chapter on MySQL and PostgreSQL, very informative
chapters on Sessions and Arrays and just about anything
you'd ever want to know about PHP : )
That's the one book I use most at work.

Then there's also MySQL by Michael Kofler (Apress, ISBN 1893115577),
659 pages, which seems to be quite a good book, and we can't forget the
classical MySQL by Paul DuBois and Laurie Petrycki
(New Riders, ISBN 0735709211) 850 pages.


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