Hi all,

In trying to learn PHP (and MySQL), I am attempting to replicate a
database-web solution built previously using Filemaker Pro and Lasso (on
NT). I am currently working with PHP/MySQL on NT and will be moving this to
Linux before the end of January.

Filemaker is able to perform calculations internally and therefore I guess I
will need to write functions to mimic this externally. Am I right here?

One of the features of the FMPro solution is that when a user is looking at
a list of resources (in fact, university course packs) each row will display
the number of associated records from the 'books' database. Now which is the
best method to do this (speed/efficiency)? I have tried performing a
row-level query on the related db but its very slow and times out before the
second row can be displayed. Alternately, I could set the main db to
increase/decrease a number field when adding or deleting books from the
list. Which is recommended?

I played around with my learning site over the holidays and found that I was
not able to easily handle dates between the format required by users
(dd/mm/yyyy) and that used by MySQL (yyyy-mm-dd) and therefore I wrote
functions to parse the data both ways. All the example I could find on Dates
used 'today' as the example. I want to be able to play around with stored
dates. Is my function method the correct way or is there another way?


George in Edinburgh

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