Miles, you wrote:
 >Is your table indexed on the field your query is based on? That will
 >greatly speed up the query.
 >Miles Thompson

I'm afraid in my case, the query needs to be pretty much a complete table dump.

Even if I filter a subset the data, my relational DB experience (not deep,
admittedly, and only with enterprise products like Oracle and ... ugh...
MSSql) tells me that indices on tables less than a few thousand entires
cost more in upkeep than they gain in response.  And this is only about 
300-400 rows... and more to the point, this happens when I pull more than 
30 of them or so!  I feel that something MUST be wrong!

But all of that aside, the problem isn't just that it takes a "long 
time"... the
problem seems to be that it literally *crashes* the instance of PHP! (The
webpage never finishes loading, and the CPU meter drops back down to idle
levels, and if I cancel the webpage, I leave an orphaned instance of
PHP.exe running, which I cannot kill even from my Win2000 Task Manager).

I mean, I'm a newbie and I'll admit that, but that just Don't seem Right.

Does ANYONE have any idea what might be happening and how I can fix it?
Please? :)


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