That's not right, but please forgive me if there is some background I've 
misplaced and I'm asking "old" questions.

What OS are you on?

What database? (I'm assuming MySQL, just because it's so common.)

What version of the database?

What version of PHP?

Can you execute your SELECT at the database console and get  a fast 
response? (I think so, if I correctly remember an earlier post.)

Are you testing on the same machine PHP/Web Server/database is on? Across a 
LAN? Across Internet?

How big a set of data are you returning?  (# records) * (bytes/record)

This is a long shot, and I'm only making it on the SWAG that you are 
running on Windows. There are 2 versions of the PHP.INI file. Somewhere on 
this list I read that someone was using the "optimized" version and was 
having a lot of trouble. After switching to the other one the problems went 

I've not used PHP on Windows, but this is essentially a diagnostic 
procedure, so it's worth working through.

Miles Thompson

PS I've read the other message too, just chose this one to reply to.
(It's 11:00 PM here in NS, and I want to go to bed. Tomorrow I have to go 
out early, but I will check your reply later.)

At 09:38 PM 1/8/2002 -0500, Peter Westergaard wrote:
>Miles, you wrote:
> >Is your table indexed on the field your query is based on? That will
> >greatly speed up the query.
> >
> >Miles Thompson
>I'm afraid in my case, the query needs to be pretty much a complete table 
>Even if I filter a subset the data, my relational DB experience (not deep,
>admittedly, and only with enterprise products like Oracle and ... ugh...
>MSSql) tells me that indices on tables less than a few thousand entires
>cost more in upkeep than they gain in response.  And this is only about 
>300-400 rows... and more to the point, this happens when I pull more than 
>30 of them or so!  I feel that something MUST be wrong!
>But all of that aside, the problem isn't just that it takes a "long 
>time"... the
>problem seems to be that it literally *crashes* the instance of PHP! (The
>webpage never finishes loading, and the CPU meter drops back down to idle
>levels, and if I cancel the webpage, I leave an orphaned instance of
>PHP.exe running, which I cannot kill even from my Win2000 Task Manager).
>I mean, I'm a newbie and I'll admit that, but that just Don't seem Right.
>Does ANYONE have any idea what might be happening and how I can fix it?
>Please? :)
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