Boaz Yahav wrote:
> Well,
> My Site runs now on Solaris. Both the front end (Web Server / php code /
> Apache) and the Database (Backend server).
> We had some problems with Mysql and we don't find it 100% reliable for
> such a busy site. We also want to use a db cluster
> for high availability (we are talking about $200,000 of hardware and
> software for the change).
> The code will still run on Apache / PHP / Solaris so there is no change
> in that. Only the access to the Database will change.

Well, I can't speak from experience, but I was told that MySQL
replication is very good. For the amount of money that you have as
budget, I am sure you can pay a lot of MySQL AB certified consulting

I don't know what you mean that MySQL is not reliable. Does that have to
do with scalability? There is a whole set of smart decisions to make
regarding scalability before you decide to waste you money on commercial

Anyway, before you jump on throw a lot of money to it and expect to do
it, I think you would like to read (if you haven't already) this very
compeling article on how the AmIHotOrNot.com site developers made it so
scalable with just LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL). One of the things he
states is that it seems that MySQL is much more optimized for Open
Source platforms such as Linux than for instance Sun.


Maybe that is the way to go. If you make it that way, I would not mind
getting half of your budget above for the advice. :-)

Manuel Lemos

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