InnoDB is multiversioned. You can start a transaction, dump all your tables
inside a single transaction using SELECT INTO OUTFILE and you get a snapshot
of your database at a precise point of time. Because of multiversioning,
your tables are not locked during the dump.

I am also writing a (non-free) hot incremental binary backup program for
InnoDB which will be even faster than SELECT INTO OUTFILE. It will run in



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>It's not just that...
>For example, when I want to backup the MySQL server (and we are talking
>of a few GB of data) the server is practically dead while making the
>dump. MSSQL Server 2000 (for example) does that in the background and
>you can keep working...
>Any ideas?
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>If you are not happy with MyISAM's lack of transactions or row level
>or crash recovery, you could try InnoDB type tables in MySQL.
>You can use MySQL's master -> slave replication to get failover
>Best regards,
>Heikki Tuuri
>Innobase Oy
>InnoDB - transactions, row level locking, and foreign key support for
>See http://www.innodb.com, download MySQL-Max from http://www.mysql.com

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