Javascript is your way to do this, but there are obviously a few ways you
can do that aswell. You don't want to have to submit a form and reload
images/pages etc, so javascript is the only way to go (or dhtml or other

One way to do this is either with layers (hide/unhide depending on what
need) and all the information is already printed to the page, but shows only
the needed information.

Another way is to create javascript arrays and let javascript do the
selections and stuff... I've seen a few tutorials around that do that...

Here are some links that might help you:

This is for dreamweaver and ASP but same principal (and explains how it
works aswell)

This is something similar, and also cool...

This is a basically what you want... but you might have to modify it a
little bit...

So you get PHP to fill the javascript array by something like this, knowing
that I am no genius in javascript (as long as you have values in $array):

<script langauage="Javascript">
function start(){
        var something = new Array();
        for ($i=0;$i<count($array);$i++){
                echo "javascript array stuff -- $array[$i]";
        // now the other javascript code (additional lists etc)

and then thats it!!!!! (well, sorta, but you get the jist)


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