> == relevance ??
> ... or define a calculated field for these "relevance"... and order the
> results by this value...
> SELECT (sex = 1 AND country = 'CA') AS relevance, sex, country
>   FROM table
>   WHERE sex = 1
> ... note the relevance includes all the fields... and the where just the
> mandatory conditions... the order must be DESC, because the "relevance" is
> if the two conditions are match... and 0 if not

you can define a more sophisticated relevance function... for example, if
you want to search three different terms...

example terms...
    sex = 1
    age = 30
    country = 'CA'

[in MySQL]... you can define relevace as...
    (sex = 1) + (age = 30) + (country = 'CA')

relevance will be...
    3    if the three conditions are match
    2    if just two conditions are match
    1    if just one condition is match
    0    if non is match

if you are trying to define an "any word" query... you can show just the
rows (where relevance > 0)...

if you are trying to define an "all words" query... you can show the rows
where relevance == 3... or re-define the query and include all the columns
in the where clause !!


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