If getting info in your private email is making you so pleased maybe you
shoudl never post any questions here, it is contradictory to the philisophy
of the list.
  I have also asked about inserting / retrieving pictures in mysql database
in past and I have received so many con replies that I changed my mind.
Storing images in the database is not a good idea , just store the path of
the images in the database and keep your images in your hard disk...


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last time I asked about inserting pictures into MySQL, but how can I do it
(inserting into BLOB column, picutures) using PHP? After inserting it into
table I would also like to select and display the picutre (I inserted
before) using my Internet browser. Any suggestion how to do it using

Best regards
PS. I'll be pleased for all info on my private e-mail :)

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