I think that saving images outside the database is better but sometimes
you need it.
here is something i wrote a while back : 

Sometimes, it's more convenient to save images in a database than as
files. MySQL and PHP make it very easy to do this . In this article, I
will describe how to save 
images in a MySQL database and display them later on. 




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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Pictures+MySQL+PHP
> Hello,
> last time I asked about inserting pictures into MySQL, but 
> how can I do it (inserting into BLOB column, picutures) using 
> PHP? After inserting it into table I would also like to 
> select and display the picutre (I inserted before) using my 
> Internet browser. Any suggestion how to do it using PHP+MySQL?
> Best regards
> Kamil
> PS. I'll be pleased for all info on my private e-mail :)

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