Ck Raju wrote:
>  that I changed my mind. Gurhan Ozen>Storing images in the database is not a
>  good idea , just store the path of Gurhan Ozen>the images in the database
>  and keep your images in your hard disk... Gurhan Ozen>
> Since everything is on hard-disk, I personally feel, the image can be stored
> anywhere. BLOB should be easier when doing a mysqldump, or when replication
> is needed.
> Anywhere else go in for storing images separately.
> Raju
I prefer storing images out of the dbserver to save on server load. You
can serve those images with a http server like thttpd, boa etc which
will serve images quicker and with a lighter load.
If you need replication just use rsync to move your images around.

But if server load isn't an issue a database is as good as any place.

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