Court, Todd, et al

> Actually, PHP does COM very the PHP-WIN list about "COM" and
> "Word" and you should find some good hints and examples to get going.  I
> haven't accessed the keywords portion of a word document yet, but someone
> wrote a spellcheck function that used the spellcheck built into Word using
> PHP COM.  There is also a really helpful article at that gets
> you started with COM.  If you have trouble finding them, I could forward
> some messages to you from that list.

> -----Original Message-----
> I was thinking COM/DCOM, but then does PHP able to do that?  Or do I
> need to resort to ASP(Awful Scripting Pages)?

Thanks for that comment Court. I have seen the entries in the PHP manual - and 
possibly one or two of those
articles (but not yet studied them - so many PHP info sources/ideas but so little 

The spell-check exploit caught my eye - a good way to make use of a well-established 
(and if you use if
frequently - a well invested) tool.

Unlike Todd's application (getting data out of Word) I was thinking of going the 
'other way' (yes there's always
one!). HTML/browsers are good for showing information on the screen - whether a 
data-entry type of form, or a
web page or descriptive/narrative information (eg a PHPbuilder article). However when 
you want to print the data
out, browsers are pretty basic!

So I was wondering about extending the idea of constructing web documents from a db/on 
the fly for display in a
browser, to going the next step and reproducing the same doc in (say) Word (using its
presentation/printing/formatting features), so that the doc can be presented with 
natty facilities, eg
page/chapter headings/footings, page numbers, chapters and table of contents, cover 
page(s), indexes/indices,
etc - 'camera ready'!

Anyone seen it done?

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