Verify that $HTTP_REFERER is the URL the user was supposed to come from.
Somethig like (you may have to tweak it because I cannot test where I am

if( strcmp($HTTP_REFERER,"") )

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I am wondering if there is a way to force users to come from a certain page.
For an example I am using a login page which once authenticated allows users
to change the contents of a web site without knowing alot of code etc.  What
I would like to do is make sure that the content management system will not
be accessed unless the user logs in.  I am certain sessions is the way to go
on this, however I am still new enough to not understand exactly how they
work and how to impliment them on a site.  I have read a little bit on a
tutorial on  If anyone can give me an example of how this could be
accomplished I would appriciate it.

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