Personally, I'm not quite sure what the best way to do it would be.  (I
don't use sessions personally.) But I've noticed recently on certain "less
than scrupulous" websites that they're using javascript to track down the
user's last page (to make sure they voted.)  You'd have to track down the
javascript commands on the netscape site, I don't know them offhand.  If
theres a PHP way to do it, I'm unsure of it.



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> I am wondering if there is a way to force users to come from a certain
> For an example I am using a login page which once authenticated allows
> to change the contents of a web site without knowing alot of code etc.
> I would like to do is make sure that the content management system will
> be accessed unless the user logs in.  I am certain sessions is the way to
> on this, however I am still new enough to not understand exactly how they
> work and how to impliment them on a site.  I have read a little bit on a
> tutorial on  If anyone can give me an example of how this could
> accomplished I would appriciate it.
> Jas
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