Hi all,

I want to display return results from my query (which works fine)
In I tidy way on screen.

So my result returns say seven results, I have a table, and I want to
3 results per row of the table... I.e.:

TD = result1 /TD  TD result2 /TD TD = result3 /TD
TD = result4 /TD  TD result5 /TD TD = result6 /TD
TD = result7 /TD  TD resultempty /TD TD = resultempty /TD

The last two td in row 3 are empty because result found 7 results.

This cant be fixed so echo statements wont work as the result could
Be 3 or 10 or 56 or whatever.....

As Always your help and or guidance in this matter is appreciated.

Dave Carrera
Php / MySql Development
Web Design
Site Marketing

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