Hi Dave,
I wrote the following script which does exaclty that.


mysql_connect ($hname, $usrname, $password) OR DIE ("unable to connect");

$selectstmnt = "your sql statement";

$result = mysql_db_query ($dbname, $selectstmnt);
$numrows = mysql_num_rows($result);
echo "<table cellpadding=0 border=0 callspacing=0>";

if ($result) {
        while ($list = mysql_fetch_array ($result))

if($i==3)       { $i=0;
echo "<tr>"; }

echo "<td width=\"126\" height=\"23\" valign=\"middle\"

if($i==3)       {
echo "</tr>"; }
  } // end while fetch_array
        if ($numrows%3==2){echo "<td>&nbsp;</td></tr>";}
if ($numrows%3==1){echo "<td>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;</td></tr>";}

   } //end if numrows>0
echo "</table>";

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> I want to display return results from my query (which works fine)
> In I tidy way on screen.
> So my result returns say seven results, I have a table, and I want to
> show
> 3 results per row of the table... I.e.:
> Table
> TR
> TD = result1 /TD  TD result2 /TD TD = result3 /TD
> /TD
> /TR
> TR
> TD = result4 /TD  TD result5 /TD TD = result6 /TD
> /TD
> /TR
> TR
> TD = result7 /TD  TD resultempty /TD TD = resultempty /TD
> /TD
> /TR
> /table
> The last two td in row 3 are empty because result found 7 results.
> This cant be fixed so echo statements wont work as the result could
> Be 3 or 10 or 56 or whatever.....
> As Always your help and or guidance in this matter is appreciated.

You need a incrementer variable so you can tell when you have 3 <td> cells
built, so you know when to end the current <tr> and start a new one.

Then, you need to test that variable again when you run out of
mysql_num_rows(), and fill the 1 or 2 needed <td> cells with &nbsp;

Also, you might wanna look around for some table building classes if your
data is always gonna be really abstract.

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