I am working on the creation of Web-based database where parents log the
hours they spend participating in school activities. (The school requires
that parents spend two hours each week.)

I have a prototype demonstration site at http://fuzzheads.org/demo

As currently constructed, the parent log database contains a record for each
week (there are a total of 39 in the school year) with columns for eight
different types of school work -- classroom, homework, field trips, etc.

What I have done is create a log that can be updated one week at a time.
This shouldn't be a problem for parents who keep their log up to date. But
if you want to tinker with the hours for more than one week, it will not be
a "feature" that you must update each week separately.

So (now we get to the reason for this message) it occurs to be that if I
could retrieve the 39 weekly records as an array of weeks, I would have a
structure that I could then update in a single step.

This is what my mysql_fetch_array looks like:

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
 $week_no = $row['week_no'];
 $week_date = $row['week_date'];
 $parent_id = $row['parent_id'];
 $student_id = $row['student_id'];
 $class_id = $row['class_id'];
 $classroom = $row['classroom'];
 $homework = $row['homework'];
 $library = $row['library'];
 $fieldtrip = $row['fieldtrip'];
 $pta = $row['pta'];
 $mast = $row['mast'];
 $meetings = $row['meetings'];
 $other = $row['other'];

I then create a table row of the result and loop through.

A sample table cell looks like this:

<td align=\"center\">
  <input type=\"text\" name=\"classroom\" value=\"$classroom\" size=\"2\"

How would I change the mysql_fetch_array to create an array of weeks and how
would I change the table output coding to accommodate such an array?


John Hughes

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