Actually, you want the value of the input to be just "$classroom".  That is
because it is within the while loop.  Can I ask for a little more
information regarding the structure of the table that you are querying--what
is(are) the primary keys in the table; I am assuming that the "week_no"
field is the primary key.  I am sorry for the confusion--the complete code
for outputting the input form follows (minus the appropriate form tags).

echo "<table>";
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
 $week_no = $row['week_no'];
 $week_date = $row['week_date'];
 $parent_id = $row['parent_id'];
 $student_id = $row['student_id'];
 $class_id = $row['class_id'];
 $classroom = $row['classroom'];
 $homework = $row['homework'];
 $library = $row['library'];
 $fieldtrip = $row['fieldtrip'];
 $pta = $row['pta'];
 $mast = $row['mast'];
 $meetings = $row['meetings'];
 $other = $row['other'];

 echo <<<EOD
<tr><td align=\"center\">
  <input type=\"text\" name=\"log[$week_no][classroom]\"

echo "</table><";

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> OK. I can see how that works, assuming that the value would be
> \"log[$week_no][classroom]\" as well.
> What would the mysql_fetch_array look like?

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