I have a page that selects students from a mysql table who meet a certain
requirement. Those who meet the requirement have a check box variable that
is "checked." (The other students have the check box, but it is unchecked.)

The "checked" student id numbers are sent to the next PHP page.  That page
allows the user to edit the text of a message that will be sent to each of
the students "checked" on the previous page.

Up to this point I'm fine.  I can pass the array of student ids and read
them on the other page.

What I want to do is use $PHP_SELF to allow the user to preview the letter
after editing.

My initial tries haven't worked. If I just submit $PHP_SELF the student id
array disappears. When I attempt to create a "hidden" form field I get the

Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or

Right now I have the book open to implode and explode, figuring I can
translate the array and then pass it back and forth, but that seems rather

Is there a "simple" way to pass an array when using $PHP_SELF to reload a


John Hughes

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