On Tuesday 19 March 2002 09:27, John Hughes, Jomari Works wrote:
> I have a page that selects students from a mysql table who meet a certain
> requirement. Those who meet the requirement have a check box variable that
> is "checked." (The other students have the check box, but it is unchecked.)
> The "checked" student id numbers are sent to the next PHP page.  That page
> allows the user to edit the text of a message that will be sent to each of
> the students "checked" on the previous page.
> Up to this point I'm fine.  I can pass the array of student ids and read
> them on the other page.
> What I want to do is use $PHP_SELF to allow the user to preview the letter
> after editing.
> My initial tries haven't worked. If I just submit $PHP_SELF the student id
> array disappears. When I attempt to create a "hidden" form field I get the
> message:
> Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or
> Right now I have the book open to implode and explode, figuring I can
> translate the array and then pass it back and forth, but that seems rather
> inelegant.
> Is there a "simple" way to pass an array when using $PHP_SELF to reload a
> page?

You can serialize() the array then pass it along in a hidden form element. Or 
you can use cookies (sessions).

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