Why not write hidden inputs and name them appropriately so that when the
form gets submitted again, the array gets created automatically--no

<input name="input[var1]" value="hello">
<input name="input[var2]" value="world">

then, upon submittal, the array, $_POST['input'], would look like this:

Array (
   "var1" => "hello"
   "var2" => "world"

Please let me know if this is unclear....

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Sorry to say but the inelegant solution is the only way I have found how
do it :(.  I read it on php FAQTs on how to pass arrays on multi-step
This is a very similar thing.  So yes you have to implode the array then
pass it in a hidden field.  Then explode the array after being passed to
form again.  Hope this helps.

-Mike de Libero

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