You could store session vars that are set on the NT box in mssql and then
pass them to the linux box with the session id in the querystring and then
have the linux box verify and fetch the session data from the MSSQL
server...problem solved. is where you can get the necessary
libs to connect to an mssql server from a linux box.  TDS stands for Tabular
Data Stream, the protocol developed for Sybase and used by mssql.

You could also setup an odbc connection to the mysql database on the NT box,
thereby bypassing the need for freeTDS.

Either way, I recommend storing the data in a db......hope this helps

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> From: Mike Meighan [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 5:00 PM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP & MySql
> I need a good suggestion as I've been a Microsoft ASP 
> developer but now
> getting more into PHP. It appears there are some issues about session
> ID's, cookies, and passing data from an NT box to PHP running 
> on a Linux
> box.
> Would you folks reccommend I first stuff the data into the 
> Linux box via
> MySql (I currently have that working) and then when I pass a user from
> the NT box into the Linux box, call that data from MySql to 
> complete the
> processing?  How well does holding a session ID work between 
> NT and the
> Linux box?
> I was hoping to simply cookie the user while on the NT box and then
> while on the Linux box using PHP call the cookied data. Do whatever
> processing I need to do, then dump everything into MySql to complete
> whatever it is that I have running.
> Currently I found that I can pass smaller amounts of data via a link
> with string as part of the link. 
> Looking for suggestions.
> Mike M.

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