Thanks, just as I had hit send on that messege, the thought of passing
the session ID via a querystring hit me.  I'm using linux for MySql and
Secure Server processing so as data is being collected from various
users while on the NT box, when it comes time for secure server type
transactions, I trust using the Linux box.

Shrock, Court wrote:
> You could store session vars that are set on the NT box in mssql and then
> pass them to the linux box with the session id in the querystring and then
> have the linux box verify and fetch the session data from the MSSQL
> server...problem solved. is where you can get the necessary
> libs to connect to an mssql server from a linux box.  TDS stands for Tabular
> Data Stream, the protocol developed for Sybase and used by mssql.
> You could also setup an odbc connection to the mysql database on the NT box,
> thereby bypassing the need for freeTDS.
> Either way, I recommend storing the data in a db......hope this helps

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