I don't know that I could help much with your statement.. But you mentioned
doing if() statements in SQL queries.. Well, my programmer always writes
them into PHP scripts then just runs them from there.. Then he can include
if() conditions, or whatever else he needs.. Just a quick little
cust_import_utility.php script..

--For what it's worth..


"Andy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi there,
> I do have a sql statement where I could need some help on.
> There are 3 tables: provinces, cities, countries
> The result should be city, province, country but only if province is
> available. If not just display city and country.!
> Lets say we are searching for madrid.
> I did build following statement:
>      SELECT c.city, c.ID, p.province, co.country FROM cities c, provinces
> countries co WHERE c.city like 'madrid%' AND p.province_id = c.province_id
> AND p.country_code = c.country_code AND c.country_code = co.country_code
> ORDER BY country , province limit 0, 10
> Works fine as long as there is a province for this city. But
> my db does not have for all countries provinces. But there is a madrid in
> spain.
> so I would like to change this querry to return madrid in spain even if
> province is unknown, but also if the province exists (in this case with
> name of the province)
> Maybe there is a way to do if statements in sql??
> Thanx for any help
> Andy

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