could you perhaps save the contents directly into a file, then read the file
into the database?

I know for a fact ( that you can use
a textarea to pump more info than that into a file, but haven't tried doing
it straight into a database.



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// From: John Hughes [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
// Sent: Wednesday, 17 April 2002 3:03 PM
// Subject: [PHP-DB] Limitations on sending text to a database via text
// area forms
// I am attempting to build a Web site that will allow users to 
// create simple
// text documents that will be stored in a database. I had been 
// assuming I
// could use a textarea form and have PHP pass it to a mySQL database.
// However, when I attempted to send  a 393 word (2,216 
// characters) text block,
// the browser (I.E. 6) refused to move.  I got no error or 
// other indication of
// trouble.  When I cut the text down under 275 words (1,531 
// characters), the
// form was allowed to be submitted, stored and retrievable
// Is this the limit on passing textarea form fields?
// And more to point of this mailing list, what alternatives 
// might I use to
// circumvent this limit?
// I need to keep the creation of these documents as simple as possible.
// Anything more than copying and pasting is going to cause 
// trouble more me.
// John Hughes
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