I am attempting to build a Web site that will allow users to create simple
text documents that will be stored in a database. I had been assuming I
could use a textarea form and have PHP pass it to a mySQL database.
However, when I attempted to send  a 393 word (2,216 characters) text block,
the browser (I.E. 6) refused to move.  I got no error or other indication of
trouble.  When I cut the text down under 275 words (1,531 characters), the
form was allowed to be submitted, stored and retrievable

Is this the limit on passing textarea form fields?

And more to point of this mailing list, what alternatives might I use to
circumvent this limit?

I need to keep the creation of these documents as simple as possible.
Anything more than copying and pasting is going to cause trouble more me.

John Hughes

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